Jan 26

The 2016 Language Industry Survey

EUATC, Elia, GALA, EMT and Lind work together to identify trends, expectations and challenges in the European translation industry).

The 2016 Language Industry Survey is a collaborative effort of Elia, EMT, EUATC, GALA and LIND to capture a picture of the translation industry in Europe.

It is largely based on the EUATC survey that has run for three years with contributions from Elia and Lind to cover additional subjects such as training, recruitment and technology.

Translation companies throughout Europe are invited to complete the survey at http://goo.gl/forms/KgrjlkVqcq. They have until Friday 12th February 2016 to do so.

The survey results will be published on the websites of the participating organisations and will be presented at various national and international events.