Current business expectations and concerns of European translation companies - online EUATC survey
Since the EUATC conference in Brussels on 3 May 2013, the EUATC has conducted a survey into the expectations and concerns of European translation companies.
Companies often talk about these informally but before the surveys, we really didn't know how strong those concerns were or to what degree they were based on reality and facts. To get a more complete picture of the issue, the EUATC launched an anonymous online survey for European translation companies in conjunction with the Brussels conference. The results of the third annual survey will be announced at the 2015 EUATC conference, which will take place on 23-24 April in Lisbon.
Thanks to the surveys, it is a lot easier to determine which actions EUATC can and should undertake to promote and support the industry. As before, the results and their analysis will be discussed at the conference in Lisbon and will also be published on the EUATC website after the event, where you can find all survey reports to download. All questions, opinions and discussions that can add information and value to this initiative are welcome.
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