Translators Certification (TransCert)

In connection with EMT, TransCert (Trans-European Voluntary Certification for Translators) is a European project that addresses the urgent need for continuing professional development and EU-wide certification for translators. The main goal of TransCert is to address these needs jointly (i.e. with the involvement of all stakeholders in the translation industry) and to develop a complete certification for the job profile "Translator”.
The ICT-based training scheme will be closely linked to networked learning environments where translators can acquire relevant skills (e.g. university-based Master courses – EMT as best practice, industry-based training schemes as well as training offered by professional associations). EUATC has had a leading role in this project managed by University of Vienna by providing the required view of translation companies’ views on this process.
The innovative approach of the TransCert certification scheme combines best practices in quality of translation services (e.g. EN 15038 – Translation services - Service requirements), industry certification at European level (e.g. ECQA), and fulfils requirements specified in international standards for personal certification (in particular ISO 17024 – General requirements for bodies operating certification of persons). This concept fosters the integration of learning with working life by offering learning modules based on practical case studies and best practices from the industry.
Broad consensus on certification standards at European and international level will contribute to the awareness and knowledge about the job role “Translator” and enhance the image of the profession.
In order to address the perceived need for certification at the international level, the European Union’s Directorate General Translation (DGT) set up a task force in 2011 with the mandate to discuss and determine the scope and shape of a project for the trans-European voluntary certification of translators. The task force consisted of representatives of the existing EMT (European Masters of Translation) programs, translator associations, and of translation companies (EMT 2011). As a result of the work of the task force, a consortium led by the University of Vienna submitted a project proposal called TransCert in February 2012, in response to a call for proposals by the European Union in its Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP 2012). This two-year project started in 2013.

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