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Rapid technological innovations (e.g. machine translation) and increasing demand for professional translation services have a major impact on the translation industry as a whole thus leading to continuous and sometimes dramatic changes in the working life of translators. As a consequence, new professional profiles emerge in the language industry forcing translators to acquire new skills and competences.
As a consequence, the following needs have emerged:
- A need for continuing professional development (CPD)
- A need for European-wide Trans-European certification for translators to ensure comparability, promote competitiveness and increase employabilityThe main goal of TransCert is to address these needs jointly, i.e. with the involvement of all stakeholders in the translation sector (language industry, training institutions and professional associations) and to shape the translation business by consensus. Thus, the objective of TransCert is to establish a voluntary, transeuropean certification for translators. This will enable translators to gain professional visibility vis-à-vis their customers (translation companies, national and international institutions, individuals…).