Optimale Project: Optimising professional translator training in a multilingual Europe

This EU-funded project aimed at monitoring market and societal needs and professional requirements relevant to translator training. Thanks to it, it was possible to determine current and emerging competence requirements within the European translation industry by identifying the competences that employers look for when seeking to employ new staff; provide input for further analysis and discussion during eight regional workshops bringing together academics involved in Master’s degree translator training programmes and industry players from across Europe; and provide a pan-European snapshot of specific competence requirements for graduate seeking employment in the industry and for programme directors seeking to improve the employability of their graduates in the translation professions.
This project was developed from 2010 to 2013 with a total budget of €1 million, and the consortium was formed by 64 EEA universities of 27 countries, 5 non-EEA universities and EUATC, and was coordinated by Université de Rennes 2 (France).
In here you can find Optimale synthesis report.