eTransFair, a new EU’s Erasmus+ project

EU-funded eTransFair (How to Achieve Innovative, Inclusive and Fit-for Market Specialised Translator Training) project under the Erasmus+ programme has just started last 29th September with the kick-off meeting held at Budapest.

The members of this project are the Centre of Modern Languages of the University of Economics and Technology of Budapest, the University of Vienna and Hermes Traducciones (a Spanish translation company belonging to the Spanish Association of Translation Companies (ASPROSET)

The aim of this three-year project is equipping translator trainees with the skills that are necessary for employability and supplying trainers with ICT-based innovative teaching and assessment tools that help develop these skills. as well as providing collaborative platforms and a set of manuals to make the results transferable to other higher education institutions and sustainable in the long run.


The pause button is being pushed on T-UPDATE 2020, while plans for a radical overhaul of the conference format are being developed. The event will return in 2021 and will be located in Porto. The dates are 15 & 16 April 2021.