Jun 17

Common Sense Advisory publishes "The Language Services Market 2015"

Annual analysis (available since 2010) of the language services market published by CSA, a market research company specialized in globalization-centric research. The study attempts to determine the size, structure and development of the market based on interviews with language service buyers and providers. For more information, refer to the specific research site of Common Sense Advisory.

Jul 16

Common Sense Advisory publishes "Top 100 Language Service Providers: 2015" brief

This brief presents the world’s leading providers of translation, localization, and interpreting services. The list includes nine ties, resulting in 109 companies claiming or sharing the top 100 spots. For more information, refer to the specific research site of Common Sense Advisory.

Apr 01

Expectations and Concerns of European Translation Companies 2015 – Results published at 10th EUATC Conference T-Update

On 24th April 2015, EUATC closed its 10th International Conference T-Update with a presentation of the results of the 3rd annual survey Expectations and Concerns of European Translation Companies. The results confirm renewed optimism in almost all European countries and indicate that small and medium sized translation companies are catching up in areas like certification and technology use. The survey report is available for EUATC network members in this website's download area.

Oct 21

CNET (Chambre Nationale des Entreprises de Traduction) published the results of its national Observatoire

This French survey, which was first conducted in 2006-2007, is consistently answered by some 50 translation companies. This year, it clearly shows the complexity of the French market, with maturing translation companies and growing professionalism, but also with a clear distinction between the capital and the rest of the country. The results are freely available (in French) on CNET's website.

Sep 21

ATC (Association of Translation Companies) launches UK Language Market Research 2015

UK-headquartered translation companies are currently invited to participate in the 2015 UK Language Market Research conducted on behalf of the British association of translation companies ATC. The survey closes on September 10th. The results will be presented at the ATC conference in Manchester on 24/25 September.

Transcreation is one of the latest hypes in the translation industry. More and more translation companies are adding it to their list of offerings. But is it really transcreation that they are offering, or is this an example of old wine in new bottles?

How goodshould a translation be? Are translation companies overdelivering? Are translation buyers underbuying? The topic of fit-for-purpose translation quality is one of the most hotly debated in translation forums and events today.

Most translation companies look at MT with a good measure of suspicion and hesitation, not knowing if it will harm or help their business. Let's take a look at the current state of the industry and try to give an answer to the question should I be using it too?

After its participation in Ispra meeting, EUATC, represented by Mirko Silvestrini, was present in the Translating Europe workshop. Mirko Silvestrini, EUATC’s VP, presented his lectura Gli studi di traduzioni e la traduzione in campo agroalimentare, and after that he was a panelist in the round table The importance of placement in translators’ training, in connection with Agorà,s project. This workshop was a great success too in an unmatched scenario such as Milano Expo.

Agorà’s members met at the marvellous scenario of the city of Ispra (Italy) to assess the results of the project and, specifically, the pilot project. This meeting was held at EU’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) with EU’s officials to summarize the project and comment on their developments. The balance was very positive due to the number of internships agreed via the platform.
EUATC was represented by the current VPs Mirko Silvestrini and Juan José Arevalillo in the pre-meeting and the meeting itself.