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Nov 24

Serbian and Swedish Associations Admitted to EUATC Ranks

Serbian and Swedish Associations Admitted to EUATC Ranks

Newly formed associations representing the interests of language service provider companies in Serbia and Sweden have been admitted into membership of the European Union of Associations of Translation Companies (EUATC).

Nov 07

New board for the EUATC - 2015-2016

Something old, something new: EUATC GM elects new board to pursue new goals

The EUATC's General Meeting elected a new Board 7 November 2014. The new Board will have six members to allow it to pursue the EUATC's goals more efficiently than with three members.

Oct 09

EUATC Approved for 'A' Liaison with ISO/TC 37

The EUATC has been approved as 'A' liaison with ISO Technical Committee 37 for Terminology and other language and content resources.
Sep 25

EUATC at PROFORD conference in Budapest

Mirko Silvestrini, the EUATC President, opened the PROFORD Conference in Budapest, Hungary, on 25 September 2014. Proford is the Hungarian Association of Professional Language Service Providers founded in 2012. See the 2014 conference programme here. Proford is not an EUATC member.

Mirko Silvestrini and Miklos Ban
Sep 22

EUATC at the Translating Europe Forum

The EUATC President Mirko Silvestrini and Marta Aragão, the president of the Portuguese association Apet, attended the Translating Europe Forum on 18-19 September in Brussels. The Forum is organised annually by the Directorate-General for Translation as part of its Translating Europe programme. The topic of this year's event was linking up translation stakeholders. For more on the programme, visit its website at Translating Europe. On behalf of the EUATC, Marta was a rapporteur for a round table discussion on the Forum's future. The round table was moderated by Rytis Martikonis, the Director-General for Translation.
May 13

EUATC survey 2014 shows positive mood

A presentation on the second EUATC survey on the Expectations and Concerns of European Translation companies is now available for download.

Transcert on facebook - visit and like

 The TransCert projects has a new Facebook page, please support the project by visiting and liking the page!


More information about TransCert can also be found here and of course on the project website and dowloaded from here.


work placements IN THE LANGUAGE INDUSTRY: ELIA, EUATC and GALA join forces


Brussels, August 2013

In an effort to promote employability and professionalism in the language industry, three of the industry’s largest corporate trade associations, ELIA, EAUTC and GALA have joined forces to connect companies in the language industry with the workforce of the future via the European Master’s in Translation Network (EMT).

Mar 26

Welcome to the new EUATC website

On behalf of the board I am pleased to announce that the EUATC has new website.
My thanks go to my colleagues on the EUATC website working group. They have devoted many hours of their time to provide a site that looks fresher, is more flexible and works across social media platforms, including a new blog.
The site also contains more information about our ideas, targets and partnerships. Currently the most critical one of these is with the Directorate General Translation of the European Commission. The EUATC is playing a key role in a number of EC-inspired initiatives.
The language industry is changing rapidly so our task, via our brand new website, is to support our members by keeping them well briefed on developments, while offering all stakeholders involved or interested in the language business the very best data about the sector.
So a warm welcome to the new EUATC website. Enjoy your surfing!
Best Wishes
Mirko Silvestrini
EUATC President

EUATC is involved in various projects linked to the Directorate General of Translation of the European Commission. EUATC's President Mirko Silvestrini is actively involved in all projects and brings forward the information about the translation industry to all stakeholders linked to the translation world.