Feb 10

Four EUATC family members join forces

Four of the EUATC members, Proford (Hungary), AATC (Austria), ATCSK (Slovakia) and ACTA (Czech Republic) have joined forces to develop a new language industry event.

Jan 30


Association of Translation Companies of Slovakia (ATC SK), together with the Faculty of Arts of Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica, has held a joint national event for universities and language services providers aimed at bridging the gap between the academia and the translation industry.


Jan 24

Take part in the 6th European language industry survey

EUATC, along with its partners, EliaEMTGALAFIT Europe, FIT Europe and LINDweb, have launched the 6th edition of the Language Industry Survey.

Dec 14

Fanfare for New Turkish association

The latest member of the European Union of Associations of Translation Companies, Çeviri I┼čletmeleri Derne─či (CID) is to be announced with a press conference in Istambul on 19th December.

Dec 14

European Commission's DG Translation issues calls for tenders

The European Commission has published a call for tenders for translation of EU documents from and into EU official languages. This call is for translating texts from or into English (EN) in combination with another EU official language. There are five language combinations or 'lots' to choose from.

Oct 06

Next translating Europe workshop

The next Translating Europe Workshop "The Future Translator: Employability of Translators" will take place in Rome on 18th October 2017.

Aug 08

Preparations for Balkan BLIS

Preparations are progressing for the Serbian Association of Translation Companies conference in Belgrade on 9-10 November.

Jul 25

Romanian association elects new president

AFIT, the Romanian association has elected a new president.  Vlad Radulian succeeds Florin Zori.

May 02

Finns work towards a unified language industry body

The Association of Finnish Translation Companies SKTOL and KITES, association of Finnish companies working in the fields of multilingual communication and language technology, are negotiationing to join forces and found a new association of language service providers in 2017.

Apr 08

2017 Language Industry survey report is available for Network Members

More than 800 language industry stakeholders have given expressed their opinions and concerns about the current state and the future of our industry. With the additional support of FIT Europe, the International Federation of Translators, next to EUATC, Elia, GALA, the Lind group of the European Commission and the EMT network of universities, the survey now covers all major segments of the industry.