Webinar to focus on successful hiring and training of sales people and account managers

The EUATC's July webinar see the return of two of the language industry's most respected sales and marketing coaches.

According to Jessica Rathke and Thomas Edwards, the presenters of the EUATC’s July webinar, hiring great sales people and account managers is more challenging than ever.

“Not only is the job market tight, hiring the wrong person is more costly than ever, jeopardising customer relationships and compromising your ability to grow,” says Rathke.

The webinar , which takes place on Wednesday, 27th July at 16:00 CEST, will provide insights into the the behaviours LSC employers should be looking for, how to assess candidate skills and when and how to deal with a bad hire.

Thomas Edwards adds: “We’ll be sharing sales management tools, including AI, that will help employers get the best sales and account manager candidates up to speed as fast as possible and producing consistent results.”

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