Vamos – we’re flying down to Rio!

EUATC strategic partner, Juntos, has announced its first annual conference.

JUNTOS is organising its first ever summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, called “VAMOS JUNTOS”.

According to JUNTOS president, Charles Campbell, pictured left: “We are lining up two days of engaging presentations, debate and discussion, with plenty of time for networking, benchmarking, mentoring and caipirinhas!”

The Association of Language Services of Latin America and the Caribbean, or JUNTOS, is a non-profit association whose core purpose is to represent the interests of language services providers in Latin America and the Caribbean and explore the challenges they face.

JUNTOS aspires to raise industry standards and the profile of the translation, interpreting and localization industry across the board in Latin America and the Caribbean, by promoting increased adoption of international quality norms and creating opportunities for networking, benchmarking and mentoring.

“Ir would be totally remiss of me if failed to give a big shout out to the summit committee members: Roslyn Famous, Rafael Sousa, Ivan Escamilla, David Mego, and Saul Villegas Sojo

Hot off the press!

Renato Beninatto, pictured right, of Nimdzi Insights is confirmed as the keynote speaker of VAMOS JUNTOS.