Trading with UK post Brexit – no deal planning for LSPs and freelancers

EUATC founding members the Association of Translation Companies (ATC) has published a No-Deal Brexit Guide for Language Service Companies, complementing a series of webinars aimed at UK-based language service companies and freelancers, and their EU suppliers.

ATC’s Brexit Consultant Doug Lawrence says, “In our research on the effects of a No-Deal Brexit for the UK language services industry, and its EU suppliers, we’ve found that much remains unclear. However, what is crystal clear is that we will continue to help businesses communicate across borders, regardless of what happens with Brexit.”

Chief Executive Officer Raisa McNab adds, “In a post-Brexit Britain, language services will play an increasingly crucial role in enabling UK businesses’ export strategies. Language services are essential for international commerce and British exporters make use of a wide range of translation and interpreting services to bring their products and services to foreign markets. I’m pleased we’ve been able to advise and assist along the way.”

Download the free guide HERE:

The ATC’s No-Deal Brexit webinars and guide have been produced with the aid of funding granted by the Business Readiness Fund whose objective is to fund business representative bodies and organisations to engage and provide advice to UK-based businesses to understand the impact on their business and trading arrangements arising from the UK’s eventual exit from the EU without a negotiated agreement. The fund is administered by the UK’s Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy.