The Russians are coming!

The world’s newest language company association has been formed.

The Russian Association of Translation Companies (RATC) was officially registered with the Russian Federation government in July and is now set to apply to join the European Union of Associations of Translation Companies at its next scheduled virtual general meeting on September 18th.

Speaking about the landmark moment, Konstantin Josseliani, one of RATC’s newly elected Vice-Presidents in charge of international relations said: “We are grateful to the EUATC for its support that has enabled us to establish a Russia-wide association. Particularly I would like to thank Heike Leinhäuser, the EUATC’s President and Miklos Ban, her Vice-President, both of whom travelled to Russia to extol the benefits of forming a national association.”

Commenting, Heike Leinhäuser said: “We are thrilled that the Russian language company community has taken this step and, although there are some formalities to be taken at the EUATC’s next General Meeting, I really hope that we will soon be able to welcome RATC into the EUATC family.

The new association, which has sprung from the Moscow Translation Club, starts life with 12 member companies drawn from across the Russian Federation.

Concluding Konstantin Josseliani said: “The journey to arrive at the formation of an association that complies with Russian state laws has taken us longer than we originally anticipated and has not been without obstacles to be overcome. Happily we did and we are all pleased that RATC is finally here and look forward to playing an active part in the wider European LSP community.”

The Russian Association of Translation Companies full board line-up:

Chair and President


Left to right: Nikolay Kulikov and Margarita Yegorova



Left to right: Serge GladkoffAlexey Shesterikov and Konstantin Josseliani