Telling it as it is in Ukraine

At the recent EUATC General Meeting held in Porto, it was agreed to start cataloguing the many examples of initiatives from its members and network members in support of Ukrainian language industry professionals.

Former EUATC President Rudy Tirry volunteered to curate and record the work of national associations and Network Members. Some of those initiatives (from the UK’s ATC and Austria’s AATC) have been featured on this site, but acts of support from individual Network Members* are emerging from gathering this information together.

EUATC Youth Ambassador and President of the ASPROSET, the EUATC’s Spanish member Juan José Arevalillo is hosting Katerina Bondarenk, a Ukrainan teacher of Spanish Culture and her daughter. Using his connections, he has been arranging for her to appear on several Spanish current affairs programmes, sometimes accompanied by her daughter, to provide eye witness accounts of what is happening in her country.

Katerina’s husband, Dr. Oleksandr Bondarenko, CEO of Translatel Ltd, an LSC based in Kirovohrad, has remained in his country.

Apart from arranging for Katerina to tell her story to television audiences, Juan José Arevalillo has also introduced Katerina to translation and interpreting students at various academic institutions, such as University of Valladolid, so that they are made aware of the reality of working in the language industry in a crisis zone.

*We intend highlighting other acts of support from language industry players over the coming months