Paws for thought and raise money while you’re at it

People's pets have been the big beneficiaries of the global lockdowns. Owners have been available at all times to pay them attention - even when a zoom meeting has been in full swing.

Fuzzy matches

With this in mind Andrew Hickson, Marketing Manager at Ludejo BV and EUATC General Secretary Geoffrey Bowden dreamed up an irresistible fundraising idea on behalf of Translators Without Borders during the recent T-Update’21 Virtual, the EUATC’s annual conference.

“The idea is simple,” explains Hickson, “people’s pets have been getting in on the act during lockdown either demanding attention or being so cute that work has had to be put aside while a video or snap is taken.

PPE for dogs

“Now everyone can enter those lockdown images of their pets and raise money for Translators Without Borders at the same time with our Best in Show  TWB fundraiser.”

There are five categories:

  1. Fuzzy matches. – pets that most resemble their owners
  2. Best CAT (tool) – a special feline only category
  3. Gone to the dogs – a canine category
  4. Head scratcher – most unusual pet (AKA what the hell is that?)
  5. That takes the biscuit – most. disruptive pets

While the kick-off for this fundraiser was the recent T-Update’21 Virtual conference, the opportunity to donate, whether you attended the event or not is still open to you.

“We’ve suggested a donation of €10 per entry, although anyone can go beyond that sum. The target is €1,000, but I am hopeful that we can smash that,”concluded Andrew.

Now load up your lockdown pet images and DONATE

Translators without Borders (TWB) envisions a world where knowledge knows no language barriers. Its aim is to give people access to vital information in their language by connecting nonprofit organizations with a professional community of volunteer translators, building local language translation capacity, and raising awareness of language barriers. TWB is a US-based 501(c)(3) registered nonprofit and it works with 30,000 volunteer translators, supporting 200 partners with translations in 200 language pairs.