New look EUATC

After more than 25 years the European Union of Associations of Translation Companies has given itself a makeover.
Not only has the board approved a new logo, that provides the European umbrella group with a fresher more up-to-date look, it also gave the go-ahead to the introduction of a strong branding theme.

“The branding, with its bold block check design, provides the EUATC with a strong modern identity and will make our material and communication immediately identifiable in the future,” said Marta Aragão, the EUATC board member who worked with designers to develop the branding and how it should be applied.



“Launched today, the rebranding has been applied to the EUATC’s new website and soon it will be carried through to the more than 600 LSPs belonging to the EUATC’s 23 national association members. They will be encouraging their member companies to start applying the new EUATC Network Member logo to their own sites and literature. This will help reinforce the message that those LSPs belong to a wider European family.”