Might as well be on Mars!

The four national translation company associations behind Meet Central Europe, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia have unveiled their virtual world.

The theme of the event is Mars and the organisers turned to Confer-O-Matic, the Prague-based start-up used by the EUATC for its successful T-Update ’21 Virtual conference in April.

MCE board member and President of the EUATC’s Czech Republic member ACTA, Radka Vegrichova commented: “The team at Confer-O-Matic have been brilliant in interpreting our brief and have created a virtual 3D Martian world, which, I am certain, will be a memorable platform for conference participants.”

The MCE ambassadors group, shepherded by Ludejo‘s Andrew Hickson, have been quick to start holding their regular get-togethers in the Martian surroundings. “Everyone has been enthusing about the surroundings created by Confer-O-Matic and have quickly got to grips with manoeuvring their avatars around the virtual red planet. I can’t wait for the conference blast off!” he told EUATC’s T-Update.”

Two out of three keynote speakers have been announced by the organisers, Sean Kennedy, Head of Content and Learning, Cambridge Leadership Group and international SEO specialist Udo Leinhäuser. An announcement on the third keynote speaker is expected shortly. Other speakers lined up can be viewed HERE.

Early-bird discount rates will end at midnight on 31st August. To take advantage of the discounts register HERE.

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