Meet Central Europe launch One Language Industry FB Group

The four EUATC members from Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia, that created the Meet Central Europe conference have established a new Facebook Group, One Language Industry.

The Group is aimed at vendor managers and project managers, but also the freelance community is being actively encouraged to join too. It has been established to fill the gap

The Group can expect to enjoy content tailored exclusively for the community; learn from others and share best practice; meet like-minded fellow professionals; have some socially distanced fun and, potentially, find new partners.

One Language Industry’s first free webinar “Superhero Vendor Manager in an MT world” will be presented by Gaetan Chretiennot, CEO of Six Continents on Thursday,Thursday, 9th July from 4 PM till 5 PM CEST.

Speaking about the topic Gaetan Chretiennot said:

“Whenever MT is involved, a radical recalibration of the LSC-freelancers relationship becomes necessary. While post-editing is still mostly despised, reviewing MT output has become an essential skill, yet difficult to source qualified humans for.

“Vendor Managers are expected to play a crucial role in helping their company facilitate the transition from human-only translations to mixed scenarios involving both MT and human translation experts.

“The translator role isn’t disappearing, but we collectively need to reassess the way they’ll contribute as linguists and language specialists.”

Anyone interested in signing up for the webinar must first join the One Translation Industry Facebook Group by clicking HERE.