Mars – the perfect setting for lunch and evening drinks

LocLunch is launching into space and heading for the red planet! Three LocLunch ambassadors from Tallinn, Genoa, and Nijmegen are joining forces to invite friends, colleagues and peers from across the globe to explore Mars, the virtual setting for Meet Central Europe '21.

The Meet Central Europe (MCE) conference (13- 15 October), which was created by three of the EUATC’s members from Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia, will be running the event on a 3D virtual Mars base created by Prague-based Confer-O-Matic.

Ludejo‘s Andrew Hickson is not only an MCE ambassador, he fulfils the same role for LocLunch, so it was not hard for him to persuade fellow MCE ambassadors Anna Räbokon and Daniela D’Amato that it would be a good idea to use the red planet for the next LocLunch get together on Thursday 7th October 12.30 CEST and later on the same day at 19:00 CEST.

If you are curious to find out more about MCE’s Martian venue download the Confer-O-Matic App HERE. and join, Andrew, Anna and Daniela as they guide you round the planet. The login password is ‘visitor‘.

Speaking about the LocLunch Andrew Hickson, pictured right, said:

“This get together is not only about meeting in a rather special setting, it is also about meeting people to chat about topics such as going global, internationalization, localization, Machine translation and Post-Editing, CAT Tools and so much more.”