Mars beckons Meet Central Europe

The four EUATC members from Austria, Czechia, Hungary and Slovakia that founded the Meet Central Europe conference will be heading for Mars for its virtual conference in October.

The organisers of Meet Central Europe (MCE), October 13 -15, have opted to use the Confer-O-Matic platform. The Prague-based software developers will be developing a virtual 3D Mars setting for MCE.

The MCE board selected for the Confer-O-Matic platform, first pioneered in the language industry by the EUATC for its successful T-Update’21 Virtual conference in last month having reviewed the glowing feedback across social media platforms.

Submit a paper

The conference content committee has issued a call for papers and is seeking outline proposals covering the following topics of interest

  • Recruiting and retaining linguists and non-linguistic experts

  • Vendor management as freelancers see it (marketing, rate negotiations, feedback, career steps)

  • Pricing strategies for freelancers

  • Vendor management in continuous localization, agile and scalable approaches

  • Post-editing: skills, training, pricing schemes

  • Vendor management automation

  • Measuring vendor management efficiency (KPIs, ROI models)

  • Freelancer marketing – how to stand out from the crowd

  • Recruiting copywriters and SEO experts for multilingual content creation

  • Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the industry: new trends, opportunities, stress management, communication, Zoom fatigue

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