Jessica Rathke dies

Jessica Rathke, one of the language industry's best known and respected coaches, has died.

She had had decades of success in language services sales, before reinventing herself to become one of the world’s best-known and respected coaches. Along the way she helped translation company owners and their staff passing on her expertise. Indeed, her customer base boasted clients in more that 50 countries.

With such a track record, it is hardly surprising that platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook were quickly inundated with tributes from around the world once news of her passing became public knowledge.

It is clear from reading the comments and reminiscences, that what may have started out as a professional relationship nearly always went on to turn into deep and lasting friendships.

Four years ago Jessica re-branded her consultancy, L10N Sales and Marketing, and teamed up with Thomas Edwards and launched FluentSales and quickly started building up a portfolio of clients beyond the language industry.

Jessica, who died in her sleep, was a stalwart on the conference and webinar circuit supporting organisations such as the EUATC, Elia, Women in Localization, the ATC and many more.

She was a passionate swimmer and, shortly before she died, had completed an Olympic-style training camp and was looking forward to travelling to France to watch the swimming events in the Paris Olympics.

Heike Leinhauser, President of the EUATC said on learning about the sudden death of Jessica: “Like everyone else in the language industry, I was deeply shocked to hear that she had died. Jessica was such an integral part of the language industry landscape, it is hard to imagine it without her around any more.

“As many have said, Jessica was more than a consummate professional coach, she was a friend and trusted confidante for so many of us and will be sorely missed.”