It’s a European encore for the Richard Brooks world tour

Rumour has it that Rolling Stone lead singer Mick Jagger is unhappy that language industry guru Richard Brooks is stealing his thunder with a successful worldwind webinar tour, while he and the rest of the Stones are hog tied by the COVID lockdown.

Having wowed audiences in Australasia last month, when Brooks “took one for the team”, according to Tea Dietterich, President of EUATC strategic partners AALC, by enduring a bout of sleep deprivation to deliver his chart-topping webinar ‘Account management and sales in a post pandemic world’ for her members Down Under last month.

The Richard Brooks world webinar tour hits the other side of the globe this month when European audiences will get a chance to learn from K International‘s Chief Operating Officer how the pandemic has shifted the goal posts when it comes to account management and sales.

Mick Jagger was unavailable when approached for a comment, however the ever-effusive Brooks said: “I am looking forward to reprising the webinar for the EUATC but I will be adapting it to take on board some of the questions that came up during the Australasian leg of the tour.”

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