Mar 26

Welcome to the new EUATC website

On behalf of the board I am pleased to announce that the EUATC has new website.
My thanks go to my colleagues on the EUATC website working group. They have devoted many hours of their time to provide a site that looks fresher, is more flexible and works across social media platforms, including a new blog.
The site also contains more information about our ideas, targets and partnerships. Currently the most critical one of these is with the Directorate General Translation of the European Commission. The EUATC is playing a key role in a number of EC-inspired initiatives.
The language industry is changing rapidly so our task, via our brand new website, is to support our members by keeping them well briefed on developments, while offering all stakeholders involved or interested in the language business the very best data about the sector.
So a warm welcome to the new EUATC website. Enjoy your surfing!
Best Wishes
Mirko Silvestrini
EUATC President