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Translation Standards

Translation Standards

Oct 09

EUATC Approved for 'A' Liaison with ISO/TC 37

The EUATC has been approved as 'A' liaison with ISO Technical Committee 37 for Terminology and other language and content resources.
Mar 26

EUATC and Standards: a long-standing relationship

Translation is a flourishing industry with on-going signs of growth every year. Market development in any industry has led to diverse quality standards. Perhaps the term quality is very eroded these days due to its lack of definition to the point that even standardization bodies start thinking of procedure management standards rather than quality management standards.
Mar 21

The EN-15038 Standard

The EN-15038 StandardAfter the initial meeting, an International Committee was set up in order to include the representatives of the national committees, basically formed by translation companies, freelance translators, academic professors, universities and other translation-related players, reaching up to more than 100 people.