The historic Memorandum of Understanding between the EUATC and the Moscow Translation Club The historic Memorandum of Understanding between the EUATC and the Moscow Translation Club
Aug 27


A historic Memorandum of Understanding has been signed by the European Union of Associations of Translation Companies (EUATC) and leading members of the Moscow Translation Club (MPK), which is to lead to the formation of a national association of Language Services Companies.

The signing took place at the end of the Translating Forum Russia conference which took place in St Petersburg at the end of August. It was largely brokered by Konstantin Dranch. Localization Industry & Market Research Consultant and founder of

EUATC Vice-President, Miklos Ban, who addressed the Forum about the benefits of developing a national association, told the delegates “Yours is an amazing, grand culture. It is one of the largest European languages with a vast language market buzzing with LSCs, technology companies, some of the best brains and talents in our trade bursting with entrepreneurial spirit. Culturally, linguistically, businesswise, Russia belongs to Europe - your language community belongs with us."

Commenting, EUATC President Heike Leinhäuser said: "I am confident that, with our support, a Russian assocation will be formed and admitted into membership of the EUATC. Welcoming a Russian association into our family will help to meet our strategic objective of expanding our representation of the European language sector."

The signatories from the Moscow Translation Club were: Alexey Shesterikov, CEO Awatera, Nikolai Kulikov, CEO AKM-West, Ilya Mishchenko, CEO Literra, Leonid Glazychev, CEO Logrus IT, Shamil Yusupov, CEO AG Translate and Ruslan Murtazaev, CEO Effectiff.

The formal application is expected to be considered at the EUATC's General Meeting scheduled to take place in Porto on Saturday, 18th April 2020.