Ruth Partington, CEO RP Translate and Chair of EUATC founding member the Association of Translation Companies Ruth Partington, CEO RP Translate and Chair of EUATC founding member the Association of Translation Companies
Aug 12


Bristol-based Market Research Translation specialist and EUATC network member RP Translate has been named as a finalist in the prestigious Market Research Society’s Operations Awards for the second year running. The company, founded by ATC Chair Ruth Partington in 1997, stands to win the much-coveted ‘Best Support Services Award’, proving that translation is increasingly recognised as invaluable by the UK Market Research industry.

“The best translations are invisible, yet they play a vital role in building a deep understanding of diverse markets, forging trade partnerships and engaging consumers worldwide,” says Partington. “For RP Translate to be recognised as a critical partner to the Market Research industry highlights the value we bring to an industry that lives or dies by its ability to deliver meaningful insights in a competitive climate.”

The UK punches well above its weight in the global Market Research industry, delivering nearly 8% of all Market Research services, and is recognised as an important gateway to Europe by businesses in the US, South America and the Far East. Despite current political uncertainty, Partington believes that global companies will continue to rely on British-led market research – supported by specialist translation services – to successfully break into European markets and grow their business.

“It is vital that our Market Research industry continues to retain its reputation for excellence,” she says. “The UK provides an essential link to Europe and translation plays a major part in enabling companies to understand and communicate effectively with stakeholders and consumers of multiple nationalities.”

As the only translation agency globally to specialise exclusively in Market Research, RP Translate offers outstanding translation and interpretation expertise across 160+ languages, first-hand cultural knowledge and a deep understanding of today’s Market Research methodologies and insight technologies. Among its recent assignments, the company has assisted a global market research organisation by translating and localising a 12-month digital healthcare survey in 60+ markets, streamlining the process and improving the precision of results. The team has also delivered rapid, concise and highly accurate translations for a cutting-edge consumer insights platform in a cost-efficient way, enabling developers to integrate each language effectively into the platform in record time.

As an ATC member, RP Translate is one of more than 150 UK translation companies providing essential translation and interpretation services to businesses worldwide, and upholding recognised European translation standards. Its nomination as a finalist in the Market Research Society’s Operations Awards is a testament to the credibility and talent of the UK’s £1.15bn language services industry.

The Best Support Services category attracts entrants from a variety of market research support services spanning data capture, research field work and research participant recruitment. The winner will be announced in London at a prestigious awards ceremony on 26th September 2019, just days ahead of International Translation Day. 

“Reaching the final amid such talented and impressive competition is an achievement in itself,” concludes Partington. “We’re privileged to be representing the UK’s translation industry at a time when clients are increasingly recognising the value of a customarily invisible yet business-critical service.”