Inge Rätsep, CEO Interlex Inge R├Ątsep, CEO Interlex
Jul 29


EUATC Network Member Interlex Media & Translations has acquired a majority stake in another Network Member, Grata, also based in Estonia. Both are belong to EUATC member, the Association of Estonian Translation Companies (AETC), and the merger creates of the country's third largest language service provider with a wide portfolio of domestic and global clients.

Tallinn-based Interlex is mainly active in the field of medicine, finance, automobiles, IT and law, while Tartu-based Grata has extensive experience translating medical texts and technical sector customers.

Commenting Inge Rätsep, the owner and CEO of Interlex said: "The merger will result in a team of individuals with very strong competences and a versatile background, who are also ready to provide quick and high-quality service across borders." 

The company plans to merge the two translation agencies by the end of 2019, and will continue to operate under the joint business name Interlex and will have a combined workforce of 20 people.

"In cooperation with the Chair of Natural Language Processing of the University of Tartu, we will continue Gratas work involving the development of a neural network based translation engine specialising in technical texts. The engine is unique in Estonia and will make translating specific texts quicker and more precise," Rätsep said.

Interlex was founded in 1997, with an initial focus on legal texts. The company's main customers were Estonia's largest law firms and when Estonia joined the European Union in 2004 it won many contracts from both the European Parliament and the European Commission giving the company a strong international pedigree. Interlex also holds a stake in Skuuper, the first translation technology start-up, which brings translation software solutions, previously meant only for professionals, closer to a much larger group of people.

In cooperation with the Association of Estonian Translation Companies, Interlex has helped to organise both local and international conferences in Estonia, including the EUATC's 2019 T-Update conference in Tallinn, which attracted over 130 participants from more than 20 countries.

Interlex has been a member of the European alliance of translation companies, EULOGIA, since 2004. Membership in the alliance is limited to one translation company per country. The alliance includes translation companies from all Member States of the European Union.