Heike Leinhäuser, EUATC President Heike Leinhäuser, EUATC President
Jul 02


The European Union of Associations of Translation Companies (EUATC) has signed a partner agreement with the Association of Language Companies (ALC).

Commenting on the new partner agreement Heike Leinhäuser, EUATC President said:

“I am delighted that the EUATC has signed a partnership agreement with our US colleagues, the Association of Language Companies (ALC). The new bond is entirely in line with the EUATC’s agreed strategy to reach out to other like-minded umbrella groups across the world for the benefit of the language company community. 

“The latest agreement represents the second we have struck in the Americas. The first was with Translated in Argentina. The EUATC is about to put a partnership agreement in place with India's the recently formed Confederation of Interpreting Translation and Localisation Businesses (CITLob). I am certain that increased collaboration with like-minded umbrella groups will benefit everyone in the industry.”

The associations will be offering their members discounts to attend to attend each other's events, as well as promoting them and other initiatives via their own networks.