Coming together in Tallinn - the post conference photograph Coming together in Tallinn - the post conference photograph
May 27


It’s been a few weeks now since the European Union of Associations of Translation Companies (EUATC) held T-Update, an annual conference for language service providers in Europe. Every year the conference is hosted by one of the national associations under the umbrella of EUATC. This year, we were in Tallinn, Estonia, where our speakers, sponsors and attendees — not to mention my colleagues on the EUATC board and our General Secretary Geoffrey Bowden — helped make the event the success that it was, writes EUATC President Heike Leinhauser.

This year was also the first time I attended the event as the EUATC’s newly elected president — a responsibility I hold together with my board colleagues with not only gratitude toward everybody in the organization who put their faith in us, but also the conviction that the EUATC embodies and promotes values that we Europeans share. Among these are diversity, openness, multiculturalism and a love of languages.

If you ask people why they got into the language industry, many are sure to mention one of these — at least in passing. Language, and by extension translation, is the means by which we bridge cultural gaps and open ourselves up to greater diversity and opportunity.

Collaboration is a necessity

But we don’t translate content and immerse ourselves in other cultures just for the fun of it (okay, maybe some of us do); we do it out of necessity. Just as it was a necessity for European countries to form a union. And just as it is essential that we continue to collaborate across borders, regardless of certain current political sentiments that might suggest otherwise.

Such multinational collaboration, support and education is especially important in an industry that, like many others, has seen great levels of technology-induced disruption and change. And this sort of cooperation and support is precisely what the EUATC aims to foster, providing a single platform for people across our continent to come together, share best practices, tackle common threats and provide our industry with a unified voice — not least through events such as T-Update.