T-UPDATE, the EUATC's annual conference took place in Tallinn T-UPDATE, the EUATC's annual conference took place in Tallinn
May 01


Delegates from all over Europe and countries as far afield as the USA, India and Singapore gathered in Tallinn, the beautiful capital city of Estonia, for the EUATC's 14th annual conference and found many changes to the traditional format.

Apart from a well-attended Day Zero partner day organised by Platinum sponsors, Smartcat, delegates were treated to a 90s themed fundraiser for language industry charity Translators Without Borders (TWB) at the traditional eve-of-conference drinks reception hosted by the Association of Estonian Translation Companies (AETC), a new innovation was a series of knowledge-exchange round tables.

Moderated by experts, the round tables tackled a wide range of issues LSP decision-makers need to consider when running their businesses. From managing people under 30, moving your business to the clouds or how the lives of Project Managers are being transformed by AI, the sessions received rave reviews via the conference App (another innovation for T-UPDATE) with plenty of suggestions for other round table sessions in the future.

Keynote speakers Gleb Maltsev and Allan Martinson set the tone for day one and two of the conference. Maltsev asked for volunteers to learn how to pitch their companies, while innovator Allan Martinson gave a glimse into the future how businesses may have to reorganise themselves.

Bearing your chest and telling people of your business disasters is not what you normally expect to be served up at sector specific conferences where the order of the day is more likely to be a parade of speakers eager to boast how brilliantly their approach has been. While there was some of that in Tallinn, two sessions cryptically titled "Dear audience I've sinned..." got intrifued delegates who crowded into the auditorium to find out more. They were confronted with a 'confessional' on the stage and surprised when a 'priest' made an entrance from a side door.  Of course it was not a real priest by EUATC General Secretary dress as one. He invited audience members to come up and tell all. There was no shortage of delegates stepping up to tell the priest when things had not quite gone to plan. While there was much laughter, there was a serious side to the sessions, as each 'confession' had serious learning points.

Commenting conference content director Marta Aragão said: "The round tables really engaged the delegates. Tables of ten to twelve provided an intimate setting that encouraged unhibited exchange of ideas and plenty of take home points for delegates too.

"Of course, T-UPDATE will not stand still. We are looking to introduce even more innovation at next year's event, in particular in-depth high level training sessions for key decision-makers."

The EUATC's 15th annual conference will take place in Porto 16/17 April.