Grégoire Le Bideau, CEO Ubiqus Grégoire Le Bideau, CEO Ubiqus
Jan 23


Following last year’s creation of Ubiqus Spain, through the merger of Asproset members Celer Soluciones and Traducciones Políglota, Ubiqus has gone on to acquire the French LSP Gedev. The acquisition makes it Western Europe's third largest language service provider.

The new acquisition complements the sectoral translation offering of Ubiqus in the fields of marketing, communication, law and finance, the medical, aeronautics and defence.

Talking of the latest acquisition Ubiqus’ CEO Grégoire Le Bideau said:

“Through this acquisition, Ubiqus steps up its quest for additional market shares and strengthens its translation offer. Moreover, Gedev's expertise in technical translation will allow us to create a new competency centre within the Group.”

 “Ubiqus has invested massively in R&D to enable its customers to benefit from the latest artificial intelligence-based innovations. Complementing its network of highly qualified translators, these technologies are used to produce top-quality translations in specialised fields and within very short deadlines.”