ASPROSET members pose after its December general meet at which it agreed to commission a language industry market survey in 2019 ASPROSET members pose after its December general meet at which it agreed to commission a language industry market survey in 2019
Dec 20


At last month's general meeting of ASPROSET held in Madrid there was agreement to conduct the first an in-depth survey of the language market in Spain, reports Juanjo Arevalillo, the association's President. The meeting was also a chance to review the past year's activities and look forward to new initiatitives in 2019.

Courses for members

During the last year the Spanish association has continued to be active in the market and recently organised an on-site workshop on implementation of the GDPR for their members. The workshop was delivered by the consulting company LCS Group, which explains specific points of interest of the implementation and answered the questions ASPROSET members after the implementation in their own companies. The session was recorded and made available for all ASPROSET members.

Engagement with next generation

Meanwhile, the association has continued with its active out reach programme with academic institutions. Apart from regular lectures, individual members have opened their doors to translation students. The most recent was when ASPROSET member SeproTec Multilingual Solutions headquarters in Las Rozas, Madrid played host to students of Translation and Interpreting of University of Alcalá.

Looking forward

Looking to the coming year ASPROSET President Juan José Arevalillo Doval said: "While I do not wish to preempt the findings of our Association's first market survey, my bet is that it will show modest growth in the market.

"We saw market consolidation in 2018 and I expect the new year will see further mergers and acquisitions in Spain. In addition we have pressure on prices fired by fierce competition and customers exploiting the opportunity to squeeze prices. I do not expect the situation to change in the next twelve months.

"I still think it is too early to see the real benefits of Neural Machine Translation, which, undoubtedly, has seen it help improve the accuracy of machine generated translations. However, I do not expect it replace humans, although its impact on speeding up the translation process and improving accuracy could further lower costs.

"One area I think that will exercise minds in the language industry is the unseen impact of customer portals. Already we have started to see an increase of Project Management hours expended using these portals. LSPs are unable to charge for this extra time, which amounts to a hidden discount. Long term this looks to be financially unsustainable and perhaps in 2019 we will start to see kick back from the industry."