QSD members line up at the mergers and acquisitions seminar, which coincided with its 20th anniversary QSD members line up at the mergers and acquisitions seminar, which coincided with its 20th anniversary
Nov 30


Qualitäts-Sprachendienste Deutschlands (QSD), the German Association of Translation Companies, recently celebrated its twentieth anniversary with a workshop and dinner for the members. Since its founding in 1998 it has been an active and leading member of the European Union of Associations of Translation Companies (EUATC), the European umbrella organization.

The association celebrated the milestone towards the end of November by organizing a workshop on mergers and acquisitions in the industry followed by a dinner party for all its members. Owing to its international economy, the translation and interpreting sectors have experienced tremendous growth in Germany over the years. The huge demand for qualified translators is fulfilled by a host of providers ranging from freelancers and Internet translators to translation companies in Germany and abroad. The creation of QSD was initiated in 1998 by Enrique López-Ebri with the vision to help this industry thrive by elucidating the quality factor and providing guidance to the heterogeneous market.

Over the last twenty years, QSD has established its position as the representative organ of the German translation companies with a strong focus on professionalism of the industry. The association currently has thirty-five company members, and regularly organizes workshops and trainings for them. 

Together with the German Institute for Standardization DIN – which hosted the German mirror committee – QSD was instrumental in the creation of EN15038, the first standard for translation services in Europe. They also chaired the German committee in the standardization process that resulted in the standard ISO 17100, a process standard that is now used worldwide. Last year, QSD hosted the successful EUATC Conference in Berlin.

“The reputation of the profession and the cooperative partnership with the other market participants has always been the priority for QSD over other association issues. We strongly believe that an association should not be an isolated entity, but promote dialogue among its members as well as seek and maintain dialogue with other associations,” said Heike Leinhäuser, the President of QSD. “As an associate member of the BDÜ, we are extremely grateful for the fruitful exchange with the associations of freelancers and our European umbrella organisation EUATC.”