Inge Rätsep, CEO of Estonian LSP Interlex Media &Translations based in Tallin  Inge Rätsep, CEO of Estonian LSP Interlex Media &Translations based in Tallin
Sep 29


Every language business wants to create the best team but finding ways to build the spirit can often end up with staff members on an away-day paintballing each other, or everyone covered in mud tackling commando-style courses in remote rugged locations.  "All that is so last year!" says Inge Rätsep, CEO of Estonian LSP Interlex Media &Translations based in Tallin.

"We looked at team building courses but found most traditional and rather boring. None made me want to spend thousands of Euro on any of them. As I have been a frequent traveller over the last decade, I thought that it might be a good idea to travel with the whole team. So at one PM meeting I came out with the idea and surprisingly everybody agreed. So we started to look where to head for and chose Goa in India. For me it was an easy decision - I have been to India four times.  So in November seven of us, Project Management staff and our senior in-house editor will be setting up an office in Goa, where the costs are modest. It will be a mix of reward for the good job my team has done and a good opportunity to test us as the team in a splendid location.

"We will be writing the blog to keep the rest of the language industry posted," promises Ms Rätsep

Meanwhile, as part of the Association of Estonian Translation Companies* collaboration with local universities, Inge Rätsep, the association's President, has just delivered her first lecture at Tallin University to translation degree undergraduates.

"My lecture focussed on translation management tools, integration, translation standards, quality management and GDPR. I was very encouraged for the future of Estonian's language industry. The students were really cool and hungry for information."

The Estonian Association of Translation Companies will be playing host to the annual conference of the European Union of Associations of Translation Companies, T-UPDATE 2019 25-26 April 2019