Prime Minister Theresa May and EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier Prime Minister Theresa May and EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier
Jul 30


A botched translation of a UK government Brexit White Paper has been exposed by a national newspaper and been roundly condemned by the EUATC's UK member, the Association of Translation Companies (ATC).

The ATC was shocked to read the Independent newspaper’s account of the Government’s botched attempt to translate its new Brexit white paper into other languages. Whitehall could have avoided the ridicule it has met after producing an “unreadable” German translation by employing the services of one of the thousands of professional translators working in the UK’s £1.15bn language services industry.

Dan Peachey, ATC Council Member, said: “It’s embarrassing that Theresa May’s Brexit plan does not appear to have been professionally translated. It’s important that professional native speakers are used to make sure local idiom and culture are reflected in the translation of any document.

“Had the Government appointed an ATC member to carry out this work, they would have been assured of accurate translations for their white paper and critical negotiations with Brussels officials could have started on a firmer footing.

”All ATC members are carefully vetted before admission into membership, adhere to a strict code of conduct, are subject to the rulings of an ethics committee and carry full professional indemnity insurance cover. Dan, who is also Commercial Director of Fareham-based language company, Intonation, added that mother-tongue linguists would play an increasingly important role in ensuring UK prosperity within a post-Brexit global economy. “Native speaking language service professionals, with their knowledge of local idiom and culture, will play a vital role in the UK following EU withdrawal and an increasing need for international trade agreements,” he said.