Jul 19


EUATC founding members, the Association of Translation Companies (ATC), has started organising language industry network days in the UK.

The most recent took place in the city of Bristol and attracted 30 members, as well as ATC technology partners Miton Systems.
The event was hosted by ATC vice chair Ruth Partington, founder of Bristol-based RP Translate who said:
“The ATC Council has long felt that the Association has been too London-centric and we felt that introducing networking events outside the capital would provide more opportunities for regionally-based members to meet each other and engage in Association life, as well as some knowledge transfer, rather than having to wait for the annual set piece Language Industry Summit.
“I and fellow ATC Council member Dan Peachey of Intonation, who was on hand to support me, are delighted that so many new faces and new members came and engaged with their association.
“Judging by the positive feedback it’s an initiative that we will be repeating soon.”