GALA'S Allison Ferch GALA'S Allison Ferch
May 23


The newest language industry event, Meet Central Europe, created by four members of the EUATC, has just received a vote of confidence from the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA).  The global non-profit trade association, has agreed to partner the event.

While the finer details of the partner agreement are being finalised, it is understood that not only will GALA be supporting the first conference, which takes place in Budapest 30/31 October, with online marketing and awareness raising, but also will be providing input into the overall programming - especially the networking elements.

Speaking about the inaugural Meet Central Europe event, Allison Ferch, GALA Programs Director said: “GALA is delighted to partner with the organizers of the Meet Central Europe event. We salute the efforts of industry associations to collaborate for the benefit of their members and the language sector as a whole. Consolidating industry events and working together will undoubtedly provide a better experience for all.”

Picking up the theme of consolidation, Proford's Miklos Ban, who is leading the MCE organising board in its inaugural year said: "Meet Central Europe is already replacing six conferences in the region: Translation Business Days in Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Croatia (which is going to be the first MCE spotlight country), as well as the Translation Technology Terminolgoy conference (TTT) in Slovenia, which will merge into MCE’s technology track.

"The whole of the MCE organising board are delighted that we will have the weighty support of GALA, which we are certain will quickly consolidate this as the event for the region."

Apart from Proford, the other EUATC national association members that are collaborating to develop Meet Central Europe are: AATC, the Austrian association, ATC SK, the Slovakian association and ACTA, the Czech Republic's association.