Jan 24

Take part in the 6th European language industry survey

EUATC, along with its partners, EliaEMTGALAFIT Europe, FIT Europe and LINDweb, have launched the 6th edition of the Language Industry Survey.

The 2018 edition has been modified with some less critical questions removed, while others have been edited to cover information that previous editions did not address.

As before, the object of the survey is to probe the state of the industry by gathering trends and expectations that can help explain or even predict current and future developments.

Rudy Tirry,  EUATC President said:

"This survey does not replace but complements the various national and international surveys that gather factual information about our industry.

"In the past we have had a strong response from across Europe from both companies and freelancers and I am confident that this year's survey will command similar support.

"Not only did last year's survey provide valuable benchmark information, it also provided solid evidence for those developing strategies for the future."


The deadline to participate in this year's survey is midnight CET, on Friday, 16th February. Click HERE to access the questionnaire.

The results will be made available end March on the websites of the participating organisations. They will also be presented by Rudy Tirry at the EUATC's annual conference, T-UPDATE on Management & Sales, taking place in Madrid 19/20 April.

The survey is 100% anonymous and no personal details are requested or stored.