The 2017 Language Industry Summit, 21/22 September, London The 2017 Language Industry Summit, 21/22 September, London
Mar 17

London calling - again! Call for papers

The ATC organising committee is seeking paper submissions looking at aspects in five distinct strands for the plenary sessions.

STRAND ONE: Technology 2.0 - breakthroughs designed to increase productivity, enhance quality and profitability. Papers might look at tackling such areas as:
- Neural
- AI
- MT
- CAT tools
- Cloud
- AV translation, gadgets and speech technology

STRAND TWO: Marketing in a changing environment. Papers might cover such topics as:
- Understanding your customers and building long-term customer loyalty
- Standing out from the crowd
- Sales and marketing techniques that work
- Using social media to build your brand and drive sales
STRAND THREE: Growing a sustainable language business
- Driving growth through mergers and acquisitions
- Overcoming cultural differences post a merger or acquisition
- Taking the natural path to growth – the pros and cons
- Opening satellite offices in lower-cost economies to achieve growth
- Consolidation philosophy – enhancing relationships with existing 
  customers and up-selling services while avoiding the HR problems that can       
  come with a larger workforce
- Measuring what you do through KPIs to help you track your company’s       

STRAND FOUR: People and relationships. Papers might look at:
- How to build a successful team and avoid cliques and office politics
- Secrets of developing productive relationships with your supply chain and 

STRAND FIVE: Quality is good for business. Papers might look at:
- ISO developments and its impact on the language industry
- Transitioning from EN15038 to ISO 17100
- Does ISO 9001 still have relevance
- Leveraging ISO to boost your marketing

DEADLINE TO SUBMIT PAPERS: Midnight GMT, Wednesday, 26th April