Jan 06

Busy 40th anniversary year for UK's ATC

Brexit: Prior to the referendum on the UK’s continued membership of the European Union the ATC conducted a survey of its members, which revealed that 100% of them wanted to remain in the EU. 

After the result was announced we conducted a second survey, which revealed deep pessimism about the future of the language sector. The key issues giving ATC members most anxiety were the position of EC nationals based in the UK; the prospect of increased bureaucracy hampering the supply of language services across borders; the negative impact of a falling Pound when sourcing freelance services from within the EU and the future of language courses in UK universities and the impact on the Erasmus programme.

The ATC, Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI) and the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIoL) have resolved to develop a joint position to ensure those negotiating with Brussels take on board the concerns of the UK’s language industry.

Public procurement: As a result of our report looking into public sector procurement published in January 2016, the Association of Translation Companies was invited by the Crown Commercial Service, the UK government’s department for procuring language services, other than the Ministry of Justice, to look at developing best practice.

Liaison with other professional bodies: As mentioned earlier the ATC is reinforcing its links with the ITI and CIoL in the face of threats posed by the outcome of the referendum and in pursuit of common interests.  The ATC took part in a post Brexit webinar organised by the Chartered Institute of Linguists with more than 100 participants.

Training events and webinars: The Association has organised one seminar on the new ISO standard since the last GM and ran a training webinar looking at the use of social media to drive sales.  A further webinar is planned in December (see item below).

UK Language Industry research: The second study into the UK language industry is scheduled to be published at the end of November.  A Webinar focussing on the results will take place on 7th December.

2016 Language Industry Summit: The ATC’s annual conference, which also celebrated its 40th anniversary, attracted more than 220 delegates with participants from 32 countries.  The feedback suggests that it was our most successful event with the relevance of the content and, in the main, the excellence of the speakers being highlighted. The date of the 2017 Language Industry Summit is 21/22 September.  The venue is to be agreed.

2016 Language Industry Summit Awards: The second Language Industry Summit Awards attracted more nominations than the inaugural event.  Representatives from the EUATC (Rudy Tirry), GALA (Laura Brandon) and the ITI (Sarah Griffin-Mason) formed the judging panel under the neutral chairmanship of ATC General Secretary Geoffrey Bowden. 

ISO: The ATC has expanded its commenting group and has launched a dedicated standards microsite: http://bit.ly/2eLjt6o to support members seeking to adopt and be accredited to the new standards.

Certification service: The ATC council is looking at developing a certification service and is currently building a business case for it.

Public relations campaign: We are continuing to promote the language industry through a targeted public relations campaign. In 2016, the PR value achieved in positive coverage is £144,865 (€162,747) against an annual target of £80,000 (€89,864).