Language industry leaders’ contact group formed

A panel of industry leaders at the EUATC annual conference has expanded into an informal global language industry leaders' contact group.

Leaders from the EUATC’s strategic partners first came together in a panel, moderated by Slator‘s Florian Faes, during the T-Update in April to discuss industry trends. Unsurprisingly, with such a knowledgable line-up, the feedback was wholly positive.

The concept was next taken up by the ALC for its hybrid conference in Chicago in October and the panel, moderated again by Florian Faes, was equally well received.

Commenting EUATC President Heike Leinhäuser said: “When I was approached by the ALC to see whether we would mind if they replicated the concept of a leaders’ panel, I was delighted to pass on the baton. My philosophy is that good ideas need to be shared!”

GALA‘s Allison Ferch (pictured), who was part of the original T-Update panel, saw the potential to bring even more industry leaders into the conversation and last month hosted an informal round table of more than 40 individuals representing associations and umbrella groups from around the globe.

Break-out sessions allowed participants to explore threats and opportunities, as well as looking at areas where greater collaboration could be beneficial to all parties.

Following the latest round table the ALC’s President Susan Amarino (pictured) and ALC Executive Director Alison Kuhlow have established a LinkedIn group to ensure that everyone keeps communicating.

Susan said: “The relationship between our associations is wonderful. Very much like the purpose of the ALC, our learning from each other will only make us stronger.”

Concluding Heike Leinhäuser (pictured) said: “I am hugely thankful to Allison Ferch for bringing so many language industry leaders into, what I hope will become, routine informal dialogue. It can only benefit the members we represent and the industry as a whole.”