It’s hello Sonja and goodbye Dave in the Netherlands!

As previously reported the leadership of the EUATC's Dutch member, Vereniging van Vertaalbureaus in Netherland (VViN) changes this month and now the new President speaks about her hopes for her tenure in office.

Sonja Brouwer, the new President of VViN said: “I took over the baton from Dave van den Akker at the start of the month. I would like to thank him for his many years on VViN’s board, first as secretary, and for the last four years as its President. He contributed a lot to strengthening VViN’s network of contacts in the world of translating and interpreting. A big round of applause for Dave!

“So now it is up to me to help VViN forward in the next couple of years. I would consider my ‘job’ as a success if we manage to strengthen and improve our relationship with the suppliers to our members, the individual translators and interpreters, and achieve a considerable growth of our organisation.

Concluding she said, “As from this year, all VViN members are ISO certified. What we have to do now is put our efforts into communicating this fact and positioning VViN members as high-quality service providers. I look forward to getting my teeth into that project!”