Germany’s QSD supports networking at BDÜ conference

The EUATC's German member Qualitäts-Sprachendienste Deutschlands e.V. (QSD) got behind the Berufsverband professioneller Dolmetscher und Übersetzer (BDÜ) to support its annual conference in Bonn.

QSD, whose President, Heike Leinhäuser, is also President of the EUATC, sponsored two speed networking sessions during the conference. Around 70 delegates attended each of the networking sessions, both of which were sold out after less than an hour.

Commenting Heike Leinhäuser said: “The feedback from the sessions was very positive. It is proves conclusively there is demand to have a more active relationship between freelancer linguists and translation companies.”

The annual conference attracted around 1,200 language industry professionals and was held in the former Deutsche Bundestag building in Bonn.

Our photograph, left, shows Christof Kocher, Vice president QSD, Heike Leinhäuser, President QSD and EUATC, Norma Keßler, President BDÜ and Werner Lierz,Vice president QSD.