German member QSD looks at how to get more Bucks for your bang

The EUATC’s German member, QSD, is taking a closer at value-based pricing strategies.

Following Qualitäts-Sprachendienste Deutschlands’ (QSD) annual general meeting held recently in Freiburg, a workshop after the formal business was devoted to taking a closer look into value-based pricing strategies.

Leading the day-long seminar was Professor Andreas Krämer, whose business and academic credentials* place him in the best position to provide insights into the strategies adopted by other industries to increase the prices paid for services delivered.

QSD members will now be coming together to consider whether such strategies could be adopted by the LSCs in the German market to deliver a better profit margins.

*Andreas Krämer is CEO, exeo Strategic Consulting AG, Bonn; Professor of Pricing and Customer Value Management / CRM, and a Director at Value Research Institute (VARI)