EUATC’s UK member shares new language market survey

EUATC founding members, the Association of Translation Companies (ATC), has teamed up with global insight company Nimdzi to compile its latest Language Industry Survey and is sharing it with everyone.

Commenting, ATC CEO Raisa McNab said: “The market study provides a snapshot of the UK’s language services industry as it stands today in a rapidly changing and evolving global industry and an uncertain political arena. It will act as a valuable benchmarking tool for LSP businesses and we are pleased to freely share the report.”

At £1.35 billion revenue from 1,600 active language service companies, the study confirms that the UK is the world’s second largest language services market.

Charting the shape and size of this industry, the 2019 report sheds light on how language service companies can stay relevant in an increasingly competitive market, and how global industry trends can provide opportunities for language service companies regardless of their size.

The report is free to download HERE.


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