EUATC Youth Ambassador takes industry message to Dublin

Juan José Arevalillo, the EUATC's Youth Ambassador, is continuing to work with the next generation of linguists and, for the first time, delivered a localization and project management workshop for postgraduates attending University College Dublin.
Dr Juan José Arevalillo, Managing Director, Hermes Traducciones and EUATC Youth Ambassador

For Dr Arevalillo, who is Managing Director of Madrid-based Hermes Traducciones, last month’s event was a first time lecturing to postgraduate students attending the university’s School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics.

“I greatly enjoyed leading the workshop and not only answering the students’ specific questions about localization and project management, but also providing them with information about how the language industry eco-system fits together.

“Like other postgraduates I have encountered, they were particularly interested how they can best present themselves to gain work once they had completed their course. Undoubtedly, the uncertainty of the COVID crisis is giving new entrants to the industry concerns about their future employment prospects.

“Their anxiety is understandable given the current situation, but I was able to reassure them that the course they were doing was the very best preparation for the world of work.

“The course leaders, Bettina Migge and Sandrine Peraldi are particularly keen to widen the department’s contacts with EUATC Network members so work placement opportunities can be explored,” concluded Dr Arevalillo.