EUATC Vice-President to speak at first Kazakhstan forum

EUATC Vice-President Miklos Ban is to speak at the inaugural Kazakhstan Translation Forum 2020 taking place in Nur-Sultan, June 12-13, 2020. The invitation follows the signing of a partnership agreement between Association of Professional Translators, Interpreters and Translation Companies of Kazakhstan (APTITC) and the EUATC.

The Forum is aiming to make the Kazakhstan translation industry and the country in general visible on an international level.

According to the organisers, the Forum will be the largest annual language industry conference in Central Asia hosted by different regions of Kazakhstan. 

The event will bring together from 200 to 500 participants this year: freelance and in-house translators, interpreters, editors, proofreaders, vendor managers, representatives of small and major Language Service Providers (LSPs), international organizations, industry associations and language industry customers.

As a result of the APTITC/EUATC partner agreement, Network Members of the EUATC are entitled to a special 10% discount to register to attend the Forum.

QTF 2020 will be a unique opportunity for the participants: 

  • to discuss the issues of intercultural communication, introducing and applying modern technologies
  • to learn new skills and exchange best practice
  • to expand and strengthen the business networks and relationships
  • to boost the productivity with new technological solutions and marketing approaches
  • to promote their products and services
  • reach new markets.

To participate in QTF 2020 click HERE . 

About APTITC: 

 The APTITC stated objectives are defined as: 

Enhancing status of translators/interpreters in society, 

Drafting and implementing occupational standards for interpreting and text translating, professional code of ethics for translator/interpreter, 

Building international cooperation on the APTITC platform, 

Improving the quality of translation/interpretation services through professional development courses, introducing specialized disciplines at the universities (sworn translation, diplomatic translation, medical translation, etc.) and skills upgrading for conference–interpreters and text translators through exchange of experience with the international experts at various congresses, seminars and journals). 

APTITC is accredited by Atameken, the Qazaq National Chamber of Entrepreneurs and cooperates with a wide range of public organizations, professional associations, NGOs, universities both in Qazaqstan and internationally.