EUATC signs partnership agreement with Kazakhstan language industry group

Kazakhstan language industry forms European partnership

The EUATC’s strategy of reaching out to other language industry groups across the globe has resulted in a new collaborative agreement being struck. This time it is with Association of Professional Translators, Interpreters and Translation Companies of Kazakhstan (APTITC).

APTITC was established in August last year by a small group of companies to provide a platform for translators, interpreters and companies in Kazakhstan.

The new association’s stated objectives are defined as:

– Enhancing status of translators/interpreters in society
– Drafting and implementing occupational standards for interpreting and text translating
– Drafting and implementing professionalcode of ethics for translator/interpreter
– Building international cooperation on the APTITC platform
– Improving the quality of translation/interpretation services through professional development courses, introducing specialized disciplines at the universities (sworn translation,diplomatic translation, medical translation, etc.) and skills upgrading for conference–interpreters and text translators through exchange of experience with the international experts at various congresses, seminars and journals

Commenting, Miklos Ban, Vice-President of the EUATC and its board member with overall responsibility for developing global partnerships, said: “The new Kazakhstan association are entirely in line with our own and I am confident that we will both benefit from this collaboration partnership.”

Gulshan Aliyeva, pictured, chair of APTITC and co-founder of the GALA Global Group said: “We are thrilled to have been able to strike this agreement with the EUATC and look forward to our collaboration with such as well established European language industry organisation.”

Apart from the latest agreement, the EUATC now has partnership agreements in place with the Association of Language Companies (ALC) and Translated In Argentina (TiNA).