EUATC signs new partner agreement with Indian association CITLoB

The EUATC has signed a partner agreement with the newly-formed Indian translation and localization company association, CITLoB.

The Confederation of Interpreting, Translation & Localisation Businesses (CITLoB) is less than three weeks old, but in that short time it has attracted 33 members to its ranks. According to its President, Sandeep Nulkar, who is also founder of BITS India and Vernal Language Technologies, the aim is to have attracted 200 companies by the end of the year. “If this ambition is realised,” he told T-UPDATE, “it would make it one of the world’s largest associations representing the interests of language service companies.”

Going on to speak about the link-up with the EUATC he said: “The partnership agreement with the EUATC will open new doors for the members of both associations and especially at a time when businesses will need to reinvent themselves and find opportunities in newer markets”

Speaking about the latest partnership agreement put in place by the EUATC with other language industry umbrella groups, Heike Leinhäuser, President of the EUATC said: “This latest agreement fits with our stated longterm objective of developing partnerships with like-minded organisations across the globe.

“No one can doubt the importance of India as an emerging powerhouse in the world economy. Those seeking to do business with Indian companies will need to find partners capable to producing content not only in the 22 official languages, but understand that there are hundreds of spoken languages apart from the official ones – and even more dialects. I am certain that our strategic partnership with CITLoB will prove to be a tremendous help to EUATC Network members as demand for Indian languages increases.”

The EUATC now has partnership agreements with the Association of Language Companies (ALC), Translated In Argentina (TiNA), Asociación Argentina de Servicios Lingüísticos (AASL), the Glocalization Organization of Asia Pacific (GoAP) and the Association of Professional Translators, Interpreters and Translation Companies of Kazakhstan (APTITC).