EUATC reinforces links with Russian language sector

The European Union of Associations of Translations Companies (EUATC) has continued to strengthen its ties with the Russian language industry with Heike Leinhäuser (pictured) accepting an invitation to be a special guest speaker at the Moscow Translation Club's December meeting.

The speaking engagement follows the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding struck between the EUATC and the Moscow Translation Club (MTC), which has given an undertaking to form a Russia-wide association for translation companies.

Speaking about the meeting and future plans to forge stronger links with the Russian translation company sector, Heike Leinhäuser said: “The EUATC has been very happy to support our Russian colleagues seeking to form a countrywide national association by providing them with our step-by-step guide to forming an association. We do not under estimate some of the obstacles that face our Russian colleagues, but I am certain about the benefits that a national association representing the interests of LSPs will bring the sector.”

Unsurprisingly, the topic which Heike Leinhäuser spoke about at the conference focussed on the important role a national association can play for Russian LSPs locally and internationally.

“My hope is that a new Russian association of translation companies will soon be formed and that the EUATC can welcome it into our association,” concluded Heike.